lunes, 4 de mayo de 2020

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Citas del texto: "For a Social Narrative", de Travis Wilkerson

For more than twenty years, I have wrestled in my work with one question: where do form and social use come face to face in absolute equality? Why should one stand above the other?


One thing is certain: like never before, minute to minute, second to second,media is shaping the world. Must we seriously accept the presumption that we are forced to look inward? That, as a conscious people, we cannot shape it forthe better? Is media somehow pre-designed to fracture, to distort, to pollute, to darken?
Of course it isn’t. That which we make is precisely that which we make of it. Take nuclear weapons, as a blunt but clear example. They are a fact. They exist. Now, we an either control them or wield them to destroy. These are radically different outcomes. This is a call for the urgent creation of social narrative. An ambitious stab at the desperate reply, designed to stitch people together rather than rip them apart. A place where borders slowly disappear like smoke from an extinguished fire. 


A social narrative unifies a weakened and dispirited people - it solves urgent problems - it answers desperate cries otherwise being ignored. Where one stood alone, in the social narrative two stand together.
Two also stand together in the form of strategy and tactics. 

 Pone un ejemplo de Kiarostami et al. 


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